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Fxck 12 • Rave Shawty! Expand Your Techno Mind With the sounds of KYRUH

When the techno of KYRUH hits you feel NO PAIN because all you want to do is dance! Real Talk, I’m addicted to her DJ style and mixing skills. Her mixes have the power to get inside of your reality and shift your mood to higher heights. The music she plays is truly inspiring and makes me want to do what I do on the daily. KYRUH’s mixes are portals that take me back to when our ancestors danced and dj’ed at New York’s Paradise Garage. She creates audio art that is more than just sound it’s pure energy.

Watching @kyruh_w and @w_t_c_h do their thing for gets me mad hyped. It’s not said enough that Techno, House, Jungle, Acid House, Drum & Bass, and all forms of dance music were created out of the Black celebration of life. To see young Black creatives make their voices heard in these spaces makes me FUCKING HAPPY. Just like meditation, dancing is a part of healing. Right now I’m going to close my eyes listen to KYRUH do her thing and imagine that I’m right there up front doing my thing and dancing my ASS OFF!

Watch @kyruh_w and @w_t_c_h.  KILL IT!
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