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Funeral Doom

Heavy AF Funeral Drone Sludge: Experience HELLISH FORM’s “Deathless”

Low, Slow, and Sorrowful are 3 words that come to mind as I listen to the new record from HELLISH FORM called Deathless. Over the course of 48 minutes, this band lays out some seriously mournful that I can’t stop enjoying. Honestly, it’s the beautiful sounds of anguish and agony that keep me so enthralled with every song! This band knows how to create the heavy but glorious pits of despair that I want to dive into! I feel the best way to experience this album is as a whole because of the energy it conveys. The title track is a 12-minute sonic ocean filled with immense riffs that will suffocate you into a state of joy. Join us as we celebrate the release of HELLISH FORM’s Deathless with a full stream that is taking place below and y’all can order y’all’s tapes HERE!

Artwork by Cauê Piloto
Written By

Relapse 9-19” height=
Sentient 51423

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