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Full on RAGE Uncut FURY! Experience MALDITA’s S/T in Full-on Attack mode

Artwork by Rebecca @criminal_flowers

Full-on RAGE! Uncut FURY! Caustic ANTHEMS that never let up is what you are going to experience when y’all check out the new blistering album from MALDITA that comes out on March 4th via Cursed Blessings (Pre-Order in effect HERE). What impresses me about this record is that it captures the feral sonic warcry that this band is capable of live. I say that because I saw them perform at HAGL fest in 2019 and they total pushed my wig back became one of my favorite performances that I saw that year. As a unit, this band bleeds razor-sharp passion and I got to give Rosa props for her vocal delivery because it’s really captivating! When I blast songs like “Activismo,” I get chills, because I know that we all have the power to fight back and only we can stop us! MALDITA is an important band that needs to be heard by all because they are that fucking good! One song can not define this band because this whole ten-song record RULES HARD AF! I’m beyond stoked to share with y’all the full MALDITA record below, and I have a message for the band: Y’all killed it with this one! Congrats and Respect DUE!

The album covers an array of dark subjects including domestic abuse, the pitfalls of the patriarchy and humanity in general. It focuses on the global agony that all of us are going through. With it, we hope to reach people. We want to inspire others to take action, to make this world a better place, to battle apathy. Musically we have evolved towards a more hardcore, darker sound to match the density of our charged lyrics. 

Rosa Venenosa
Artwork by Rebecca @criminal_flower
Written By

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