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Black Death

Fuck your Life this is WAR! Listen to the new RITUAL WARFARE EP “Repulsive Addiction”

What the Unholy Fuck! The year has just begun and RITUAL WARFARE’s new release Repulsive Addiction is already taking heads!!! Their brand of Beastial Motörhead-infused Metal is extremely Raw and Addictive! Be warned – you will find yourself pushing the repeat button non stop while headbanging uncontrollably. I got to be honest – I’m pissed off at RITUAL WARFARE for not coming with a longer record because three songs aren’t enough I want more and they better give it to me! Yo, I really dig the way their songs are all out onslaughts on your ears but have a killer sense of groove! This is the first time I’m saying this for 2021, but this band is going to be on our end of the year list for sure! The breakdown on “Alcohol and Misery” is so sick I could hear it all day long and I don’t even drink! Respect DUE to Sewercide Records for putting out this new underground classic!

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