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Fuck Yeah The Unreal Art of Moebius!

Just like music can expand your mind, visual art has the power to do the same thing. At an early age, I was attracted to what most of society would call the outcasts. Living on Venice Beach during the 70’s, I was exposed to all sorts of weird art; it was all around me. Then there was late night TV – a vortex for creativity that existed outside of what society considered normal. Now that I’m older, I appreciate artists like Jean Giraud Moebius even more. This man has influenced so many illustrators, they are to many to name. His outlook on the world of fantasy has actually changed the way we see reality. I do wish that his work on Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune saw that light of day, because I know the Sci-Fi universe would be so different if it had. Stare below as CVLT Nation celebrates the work of Moebius… duke leto atreides giroud-d-tails-du-torrent-moebius-giraud-artbooks-fr-cbr-t-117157 guild Harzakcp5 Jean_Giraud_Moebius_Dune_02_Duncan_Idaho_Gurney_Halleck mobiues_jodorowskys_dune_00 mobiues_jodorowskys_dune_01 paul atreides smuggler WillowMoebius6

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