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Fuck Societal Control! Blast the new BRAIN ITCH EP “Forced To Pay” Streaming NOW!

I got a Punk itch that only the new EP from BRAIN ITCH called Forced To Pay can scratch! Every freaking song on this offering is a fucking banger and will have you saying fuck the system! You won’t able to escape the fury and passion that this band brings to the table. Not only do they want you to wake the fuck up, they want you come into their world of angst so that you can be a part of the solution! I can’t lie, listening to BRAIN ITCH takes me back to my youth in the ’80s when I first discovered CHAOS UK and The Varukers. Enough talking, it’s time for y’all to press play below so that BRAIN ITCH can scratch your skull with their caustic Rip-Roaring Punk Anthems! Radness alert—you can pre-order “Forced to Pay” here!

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