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Black Death

Fuck Existence! Listen to the new LEFT CROSS EP Prophecy of Conquest

Are you ready for the death hymns that LEFT CROSS have in store for you on their new release Prophecy of Conquest? Real talk – this EP is one GIANT pulverizing mass of disgusting vileness that is highly caustic and insanely awesome! Maybe I’m weird, but I hear sinister grooves in this band’s music that grab me by throat and pull me into their putrid world of chaos. I want to say respect due to both LEFT CROSS for creating this beast and to Stygian Black Hand for releasing Prophecy of Conquest on March 13th. CVLT Nation is stoked to be streaming this killer fucking record in full below and FYI the pre-order comes with an exclusive logo sticker!

As the star of chaos ascendant hangs in the East, Left Cross returns to claim the ashes. Heralding ruin, “Prophecy of Conquest” unleashes devastation upon all with four new oaths sworn to bloodlust and glory.

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Relapse 10-4

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