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Death Doom

From BOWELS of the Underworld!
We bring you 10 New Elite Death DOOM & Death METAL bands!

Fraud Riffs, y’all Posers, that’s that shit I don’t like
Your shit’ make believe, Screaming ’bout my own life
(Woo!) That’s rare Fool, (Woo!) Ric Flair Goon A fuckboy Nazi, that’s that shit I don’t like (Bang, bang)
A snitch ass Buster, that’s that shit I don’t like (Bang, bang)
A bitch ass Fence Walker, that’s that shit I don’t like (Bang, bang)!

What I do like is raging Death Metal that is fucking drenched in DOOM! This shit ain’t make believe – these are young bands that bring the pain on every track and put their pure hate into every second of their songs. It’s time to give the young guns their just due, which is why today we want to shine a light on 10 Death DOOM and Death METAL bands that can’t be fucked with.

FLESH ROT: Demo 2020


WITCHBONES: “Akasha III: Salt, Sea, Blood and Fire”


 Tzompantli: Tlamanalli

CONDUIT OF CHAOS: Only Death Is Real (Demo 2020)

 KONVENT: Puritan Masochism

PATH TO WAR: No Man’s Land

VOMIT FORTH: Northeastern Deprivation

WORM: Gloomlord

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