Flavored Trash… The Blood Brothers Live Footage Retrospective Now Showing

In 1997, a group of Seattle teenagers got together to form a band that would have a huge impact on music worldwide. The Blood Brothers were the band, and even to this day, no one can replicate their sound. They knew how to pack a song with mad changes, but at the same time they created chaotic harmony. I loved the soulful melodic breakdowns The Blood Brothers were capable of going into at the drop of a dime. In reality, to best experience of their power was to see them do their thing live. Every time I saw them perform live, I was amazed at the way Johnny, and Jordan bounced off of each other. I feel pretty lucky to call The Blood Brothers my homies, and also that I got the chance to record with them. Today CVLT Nation salutes a band that was way before their time, The Blood Brothers! So put on your skeleton crooked feathers and peep all of the madness!


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