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Black Metal

Fast as, heavy as, nasty as! Listen to ERUPT’s Two Track Preview

Unholy Fuck, ERUPT’s soon-to-be-released 7 inch Left to Rot is a sonic wrecking ball of radness! Beware — listening to this band is extremely addictive because they are that fucking AWESOME! Imagine Celtic Frost snorted crazy amounts of uncut raw fury and decided to make crazy love to Never Again-era Discharge — the offspring just might pack the power of ERUPT.

For like the last half hour, I’ve been pressing repeat so that I can hear their caustic anthems of rage over and over. It’s a trip how this band is able to harness a couple of different genres perfectly to manifest something that is truly fucking special! On March 18th, Left to Rot will be released via COOL DEATH Records (Australasia pre-order HERE) and STATIC SHOCK Records (EU pre-order HERE). I’m really stoked to share with y’all two blazing tracks from ERUPT, “Shinin’ Claymore” & “Floating Head.” In closing, I’ve got to say, the screaming and soaring riffs on this slice of audio chaos are next-level!

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