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EYE-Popping: The Sufi Ritual of Sticking Knives In Eyes

If you are afraid of self-torture please turn away NOW!

These photos below show Sufi holy men taking part in a strange act of self-torture at a festival to mark the death of a saint. The annual URS Festival in India is a place where thousands of followers of the mystic form of Islamic Sufism take to the street to commemorate the founder of their faith, Moinuddin Chishti. As a sign of devotion, these holy men put swords through their eyeballs, while also piercing their cheeks and driving skewers through their backs. Personally, I could never do that to myself, but I will not also judge these humans for living their lives the way they see fit. The power of faith can have people doing things that most of us would never think of! For more info about Sufism go HERE!


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