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Free of Form! Experience the Experimental Soundscapes of TATI AU MIEL

I write this from a place of heart. I write this from a place of healing. I write this from a place of celebration. I write this from a place of boundary-breaking. I write this from a place of sonic love for a creative that goes by the name of tati au miel. To say that I’m amazed by their art would be an understatement, REAL TALK. They are super prolific and manifest the kind of techno soundscapes that I find thrilling, to say the least.

Right now I can’t stop bumping their project the fantastical world of tati au miel vol III. Every song on this record teleports my inner being to an altered state of reality! While immersing myself in the song “neon blue,” I found myself almost in tears. “justice 4 assata” makes me reminisce about sitting between my mother’s legs as she braided my afro in the 70s. The production on this track is otherworldly and powerful on a whole other level. tati au miel’s music shows the world how diverse and impactful artists throughout the diaspora truly are. I love the level of nonconformity that I experience as I allow the sounds of tati au miel to enter my mind. This music really defies labels, and I hope they realize that their power is being felt around the world! Techno is a Black art form and a weapon sonic of change.

the fantastical world of tati au miel vol III


Solar Return


Le monde fantastique de Tati au Miel Vol I :

dans ma peau


Written By

Relapse 9-19” height=
Sentient 112217

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