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How Experimental Can Grindcore Get? Experience TEST’s ‘Disco Normal’

Sonic Shape Shifting, Sonic Experimentation, Sonic Freedom, Sonic Creation without Boundaries…these are some of the words that come to mind as I immerse myself into the new TEST album Disco Normal. Yes, this band’s sound is rooted in Grindcore, but in real talk, they are so much more. They push this genre to places that no other band does, and I say that with my chest! Imagine if CAN, Hawkwind, Alice in Chains, and Iron Lung formed the ultimate band, the outcome might sound like the new TEST album. WTF, take a dive into their songs “Ódio em Espera” and “Fama/Fome” and you will experience the musical brilliance that is this band! I love the audio portals that they open up on all of their tunes. “Nem me Vê” is a song that teleports me to another world and then back again. I feel like this band is able to channel the spirit of Sun Ra and vintage Sabbath into their sound and totally fuck up your head in the process. TEST is way more than just a band, they are an otherworldy sonic experience that should be had by every lover of Heavy Underground music!

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