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Black Death

Experience the venomous Black Death of Our Place Of Worship Is Silence’s New Song!

My place of worship was never the African American Church—it never spoke to me in a spiritual way. I found my spiritual path in other places, and I have always looked towards music when I have been in a state of spiritual or emotional crisis. I’ve been dealing with severe PSTD caused by being born Black in this racist world we are all existing in. I just read the quote below in a family chat talking about the state of African Americans in Colorado Springs during 1952.

I remember seeing many movies as a kid at the Chief Theater, lots of great memories. Interesting Chief Theater story from my Mom, Shirlee; during WW2, Black folks still could only sit in the balcony (referred to as the “crows nest”!) but German POWs from Camp Carson got to sit down on the main floor with everyone else.

What is giving me the power I need to keep going and not giving up? Music is giving me the power I need to move forward amidst the atrocities of this fucked up world. One record that I have been going to lately is the new Our Place Of Worship Is Silence album Disavowed, and Left Hopeless that comes out on August 27th via Translation Loss Records.

This is more than just a Black Death masterpiece—it’s a piece of sonic history that points a mirror at the filth of the world. These two musicians have been able to create songs that are heavy and reek of a putrid stench, while still conjuring pools of blackened empathy. All you have to do is blast their song “Mdłości II” to hear what I’m saying. I like to listen Our Place Of Worship Is Silence with my eyes closed and lose my mind in the sea of blackness, while their audio torment fills my mental void. This is music that needs to be felt and not only heard because this band creates from a place of honest passion and not from a place of trends. When blasting Disavowed, and Left Hopeless I have visions of war but I also know that I have the power to decapitate my PTSD. I want to salute Our Place Of Worship Is Silence on the musical tip but I also want them to know that they killed it on the lyrical and vocal delivery as well! As soon as I saw this promo land in our inbox I knew I wanted to premiere a song.

So with that being said check out the new Our Place Of Worship Is Silence death hymn “From The Noisome Pestilence” below! On the real, if you pick up one Black Death record this year Disavowed, and Left Hopeless should be it—you can order it HERE!

Within the snare of the fowler, and out of the noisome pestilence, holds a multitude of prisons consoling absolutely nothing. The universal mishap that is creation, is caving in on itself. Those who can appreciate a gallows humor would realize that the slightest variation on human nature, making us worse, would make us cease to exist. Tim

Album artwork by Jon Zig
Photos by Richard Torres
Written By

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