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Experience the unfiltered psychedelic Hardcore Punk of GOON ‘Natural Evil’

1…2…3…4…GOON is knocking, and you better answer the door! If you don’t, their new album Natural Evil might bury you under your floor. Did I tell you how fucking awesome this record is? Their blown-out, spastic hardcore is highly addictive and catchy as fuck. Every tune is a banger and gets all up in your face. GOON’s songs are equal part rage and equal part chaotic melody infused with a healthy dose of don’t give a fuck! Wait until next month to see where Natural Evil lands on our end of the year Hardcore Punk list. Right now, we’re super honored to be streaming this caustic offering in full below. Respect due to Convulse Records for releasing the Natural Evil on Nov. 29th – you can pre-order it here NOW!


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