Experience the Suffocating Hateful Sludge of LEFT TO STARVE!

Life is not always sweet, and life is not always nice. Which is why I always need a healthy dose of Filthy Sludge to make me feel all warm inside. Honestly this genre is modern day blues that speaks to the fucked up shit in us all! Left to Starve have created one of the raddest sludge records this year. Over slow-moving, lurching tracks, the band takes the listener on a hellish ride into a cave of darkness where feedback is the only light that shines. Their album NIKADA SE NISAM BOJAO ZMIJA comes out on Oct. 6th via Rope or Guillotine, Mad Schnauzer & Slowly Growing Deaf. Today we have been given the honor of sharing this piece of fucked in the head sludge in full below. Left to Starve kicks off their EU tour today, and you can peep the dates below…

Left to Starve
Rope or Guillotine
Mad Schnauzer  

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