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Death Metal

Experience the Savagely Barbaric Death Metal of ACEPHALIX “Theothanatology”

So SICK, So Gnarly, So Insanely AWESOME, and just some of the words that come to mind as I blast the new ACEPHALIX album Theothanatology out now on 20Buckspin. I never thought I could be more of a fan of this band, but then I heard this collection of songs! From the very first moment y’all hear the title track, you’ll be able to hear that they firing from a level that most bands don’t ever reach. As a unit, ACEPHALIX is made of musicians that have loads of respect for each other as peers and as human beings. This fact translates into them manifesting a record that is full of unhinged passion and finds all of them being honest in their creative skin. This is evident when you hear a song like “Innards of Divinity” which is a total beast but has these interesting vocal passages that sound killer! I can’t front, this band smashes out some of the most brutal Death Metal and still never loses a beat when it comes to injecting their songs with feral melodic power that makes me addicted to what they do.

Theothanatology was produced to perfection and the songwriting is fucking spot on! I know for a fact that I will be coming back to this again and again because with each listen I hear something new. “Pristine Scum” is the kind of death hymn that is not only putrid but also has these riffs that are majestic and uplifting at the same time! ACEPHALIX has been killing shit for over a decade and I’m so stoked that they exist. I look forward to one day owning Theothanatology on vinyl and playing it obscenely LOUD! Yo, if anyone in ACEPHALIX reading this I just hope y’all know we have been fans since we first heard y’all and still are to this very day. Crust Punx create the sickest DEATH METAL Facts!

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