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Black Metal

Experience the Raw Ruthless Black Metal of Floating Black Prism

Close your eyes and die with me. Close your eyes and allow Floating Black Prism to take over your reality. This band is coming out of nowhere armed with some killer Black Metal WEAPONS! Check out their track “Ashes, Ambers” streaming below. You can order their new tape Whispers of Buried Chances here and it’s coming out via Damien Records.

Floating Black Prism is a channeling of raw, and at times ruthless and emotional catharsis. Hints of black metal, noise, and at times repetitive ritual in analog form all coexist to portray the overall feel of mostly bleakness.” 

Created with guitar, vocal, and analog as well as digital percussion, the soundscape is mostly overflowing and suffocating with only brief moments of reprieve in the instrumentation. While a twisted melody does exist and permeate throughout, it is always run through by a swelling noise floor. Smoldering melody enveloped by anxiety.”

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Relapse 10-4

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