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Funeral Doom

Experience the Raw Ritualistic Death Hymns of BLOOD OF SOKAR ‘CINIS’

Has Blood of Sokar ever released a record that I did not love? The answer is NO! Their extremely Blackened Doom music never fails. Their ritualistic death hymns slither into your reality only to choke you out! On their latest offering, CINIS, these architects of audio horror conjure up an atmosphere of uncut dread. Blood of Sokar’s songs have different layers of pain that will drag you down into their pits of filth. If their records were horror films no one would survive. As I blast their album, I begin to feel like poison dust is floating into my brain and I’m finding it hard to breathe. Don’t be dumb by trying to put this band into a box. The best thing you can do is turn off the lights, spark one, and let them do the rest. From the first riff on “Manes AI” you will realize that Blood of Sokar can’t be fucked with!

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