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Death Metal

Experience the Putrid Vile GoreGrind-Death Metal of the FLUIDS/OXIDISED RAZOR split

So what do we have here? We have the raging new split from FLUIDS and OXIDISED RAZOR that comes out today via GURGLING GORE. As I listen to this blistering, vile, GoreGrind Death Metal, it puts a battery in my back to talk about my hatred of toxic masculinity! As OXIDISED RAZOR’s rocking gore-filled riffs swirl around my skull, it makes think about how the word PUSSY is used as an insult. In actuality, that word should be a symbol of ultimate POWER because no man on this planet could endure the pain of childbirth! How could any man ever want to subjugate or harm a woman when it’s women who give birth to all of us? Misogyny is for pathetic humans with no love for themselves and who are driven by insecurity! If you respect yourself you know that women are GOD! Women are WARRIORS! Women embody DEATH and REBIRTH! Using FLUIDS’s song titles from this split, I think we should “Bound Gag and Inject” all men with the divine feminine energy that could save us all from ourselves! Pre-order the FLUIDS and OXIDISED RAZOR split HERE!

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