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Experience the Massive Blackened Doom of QAALM “Cosmic Descent”

Birth and Death are promised to us all! From darkness will always come light! What you see as ugly I might see as beautiful! QAALM is a Blackened Post Doom band that is a perfect balance between the soil and the sun. Their songs will engulf your heart while pointing your brain cells to another reality. Their music is all about layers and textures of the human condition that we all endure! It’s now time for y’all to check out their 18-minute long D-Tuned anthem “Cosmic Descent” from their album Resilience & Despair that comes out on April 15th via Hypaethral Records (pre-order HERE).

Not unlike the themes of most of the songs, Cosmic Descent is shrouded in a bit of a mystery while deeply rooted in the depressive quality of human existence…and the gripping fear and immense pain this mortal coil forges in our daily struggle for understanding.

Pete Majors

This track has all of the components that encapsulates QAALM’s unique sound.

Henry Derek Elis
Written By

Sentient 51423

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