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Experience The Industrial Death Harsh Sludge of FANGE’s “Privation”

I feel like my inner self has been hooked up to an unknown machine! I feel like my whole being has been transported into a world where robots reign supreme. I feel like my body no longer has veins because they have been replaced with wires filled with caustic HATE! The reason why I’m feeling this way is that I have taken a deep dive into the new FANGE album Privation which is out now on Throatruiner Records. Once again, this band has pushed what we know as Sludge into another universe. Real talk just one genre can’t even begin to describe this offering. They have been able to harness the power of Industrial with the Bleakness of Sinister D-Tuned Sludge. Once you experience the hateful Riff of “Sang-Vinaigre” you will realize that FANGE creates from a height many bands never reach! The energy that pervades throughout “Privation” is mechanical and demented at the same time. “Les Crocs Limés” is another song that will get under your skin like a horde of robotic maggots and suck away at your happiness. What surprised me about this record is how the band flipped the script going almost grunge on certain songs and mixed in clean vocals while never sounding corny. I respect the fact that FANGE has never remained stagnant and is always pushing themselves and their fans to other realms of sonic pain // anguish!

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