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Experience the incendiary Hardcore Punk of DRILL SERGEANT “Vile Ebb”

Art by @grueling_terror

Hell Fucking Yeah the new LP from Drill Sergeant Vile Ebb is John Blaze and then some!!! Are there whack songs on this release? Nope, it’s all extremely killer with no filler! Drill Sergeant delivers a record full of Hardcore Punk anthems that will stand the test of time without a doubt! The caustic groove-laden rage and fury on this record put the band on some next-level shit. Drill Sergeant’s songs go straight for the jugular and will have you standing to attention ready to scream “Fuck Authority! “Hot freaking damn, the breakdowns that this band executes will get you hyped. This insanely awesome LP comes out on March 26th via the kick-ass CONVULSE Records and can be pre-ordered HERE! Oh yeah, I want to say thank you to Drill Sergeant for creating one of my favorite Hardcore Punk Records of 2021. Vile Ebb is a mammoth can of incendiary sonic angst that needs to be heard by ALL! We’re beyond stoked to be able to share this record with y’all in full below!

It’s been a long year, with more than usual to be angry about. Some things crumble, expire and decay; other things just reach the surface. We wrote “Vile Ebb” processing both.

– Matthew Green, vocalist

All art by @grueling_terror

Written By

Sentient 51423

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