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Experience the Heavy psych Cosmic vibes MYTHIC SUNSHIP “Olympia”

Photocredit: René Passet.

No matter how good I get at keeping my vibes raised above the triggers of Racism and all of the Bullshit happening in the world, something happens to try and pull me back down. Well, today there’s no way I’m coming back down to earth because the powerful cosmic vibes of MYTHIC SUNSHIP have my whole body flying away in fuzzed-out bliss and I feel good to be alive! I write this fact with a HUGE smile on my face: this band’s new album Wildfire is pure Heavy Psych FIRE on all levels! MYTHIC SUNSHIP‘s record comes out on April 2nd via Tee Pee Records and should be heard by all because it’s that fucking good. Their riffs are loose and groovy but focused and concise at the same time. I’ve always been a fan of Psych and Wildfire has turned me into an epic fan of this band’s music. All of their passion and creativity is evident on each second of this record! I’m fucking super stoked to share the new MYTHIC SUNSHIP track “Olympia” with y’all below, and make sure to pre-order Wildfire HERE!

Wildfire is your sixth studio album but first with Tee Pee Records. How did that partnership originally come about? What made you want to join the label?

Frederik – The Tee Pee guys caught our show at Roadburn, and from talking to Walter who runs Roadburn we got the word that they were into it. Tee Pee has released a lot of great artists throughout the years, so we reached out and asked if they’d be interested in a collaboration. Since Tee Pee is such an important label for the whole origin of desert rock and stoner rock, joining the label was a great honour and felt like a great move in order to reach a broader audience on the other side of the pond.

‘Olympia’ feels like a full-on freak out and I understand it’s already a staple in your live shows. How does it feel getting this particular track down on record? Given the kind of band Mythic Sunship is, do you ever worry about not being able to capture that raw, live vibe in the studio?

Frederik – A lot of our music is created in a live setting. It might sound weird, but since a lot of what we do is improvised, some of the most creative periods we have are while we’re touring, where we get to test out material day in and day out.

Rasmus – ‘Olympia’ in its earliest form was conceived back in 2018 during our first European tour and is a jam we’ve been revisiting live again and again. Sometimes it’s been quite mellow and laid back actually. When we finally did a studio recording of it, we really wanted to nail it, but also put some fresh energy into this very familiarized jam, and it ended up being a quite hard rockin’ version. It’s a very malleable track that way.

What can you tell us about ‘Olympia’? How does it fit in with everything else that’s going on, on Wildfire?

Frederik – In some ways, it’s a bit of an odd one out, since it was the only tune that was so well-defined before we went to the studio. On the other hand, it fits in logically, as it is a more punk version of how we had previously played the track. Like Rasmus touched upon, it’s a very energetic take on a track that was very well defined. It still has clear roots in krautrock, but — like the rest of the album — the aesthetic is pretty raw.

Rasmus – It’s the only track on the album to not have saxophone on it. We’ve played it many times both with and without our saxophonist, but for the studio version, we sort of stripped it back down to its basics. A guitar lick and a steady groove and took it from there.

What are your plans for the band when some semblance of normality is resumed in a post-COVID world?

Rasmus – We’ve canceled many concerts in Denmark and postponed touring dates around Europe again and again, never knowing how long the lockdowns would go on. We CAN’T WAIT to get back on the road and play shows when this thing blows over. That’s really where this band and the ideas behind it manifest themselves — on that stage, in the now, feeding on the energy of the crowd. As Frederik mentioned, it’s also the band in its most creative mode, and we are extremely eager to get in that zone again!

Photo: René Passet
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