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Experience the Dystopian Tribal Electronics of IN THE SUN “Metaphor”

Today is the day I get to turn y’all on to an UNREAL project from Japan called INTO THE SUN. I can’t begin to explain how insanely rad their new album Metaphor is on so many levels. When I heard their song “Bondage” for the first time I was like WTF this is too sick! What I like about this band’s music is that they are able to deconstruct and reconstruct Tribal Electronics into their own sonic likeness.

I find myself immersing my whole being in their songs! INTO THE SUN’s song “Grandmama” is a haunting Saxophone-laden anthem that gives me chills with each listen. While allowing the sounds of this band to enter my reality I know that my open mind is only being expanded to higher heights. I would love to walk the streets of my favorite Tokyo hoods and have their “Shady Woods” blasting on my headphones. INTO THE SUN manifests perfect soundscapes more than just making songs. They are a part of the Tokyo crew DISCIPLINE PRODUCTION who in my book are really pushing the culture forward. I totally plan on buying a copy of Metaphor because it’s that sick!

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Relapse Candy
DYE cvlt
Sentient 112217

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