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Experience the celestial ShoeGaze grandeur of SOFTIE ‘Strong Hold’

The sunshine is shining and I’m engrossed in the ear candy that is SOFTIE’s Strong Hold tape that is out now via Cherub Dream Records. This five-song affair is full of Happy Sad Songs that will put a smile on your face and make you stoked to be on planet earth. I love how the vocals are drenched in feedback and float on top of the music. The songs don’t jump out at you because they actually drift into your mind’s eye where they exist rent-free.

SOFTIE’s Strong Hold is the kind of ShoeGaze/Dream Pop offering that is a perfect way to start your day. When you hear the song “Gift” you will realize that you are happy that you discovered SOFTIE because this band is hard AF in a very ethereal way. I find myself getting lost in the sonic bliss that is Strong Hold. I do have a message for SOFTIE: please bless us with a full length. One more thing, I really dig how you are bringing something rad to both ShoeGaze AND Dream Pop. Right now I’m feeling happy to be SAD!

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