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Apocalyptic Blues

Experience the cascading ethereal harmonies of They/Live “The Path”

The snow is falling outside as I write this and everything around me is white… They/Live “The Path” is blasting in the background and I am transfixed by the beauty of this song! I really fucking love what I do because I get to turn the world on to artists that I know are going to change the universe. They/Live’s voice is an enchanting wind that will blow away all of your dark days with each listen. CVLT Nation salutes Born Losers Records for releasing their record Ablation in May 2020.

They/Live’s debut single, “The Path,” alludes to Mower’s exodus from the Mormon church—a determined narrator urges a partner with literal directions for escape, not unlike Thelma urging Louise: “Leave your scripture case on the lawn/ They will look for us when we’re gone/ Now rev the engine….” Mower’s vocals ring out with precision—in battle cry—as they drive away from suffering towards a new life, and seek clarity, “When the seagull edges the lake/ We’ll be faraway from this place/ Of the echoes which is your choice/ Feel the logic rush to your voice.” “The Path” is a song about reclaiming agency, taking control of one’s identity, one’s beliefs, and one’s body

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