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Avant Garde


I write this from a place of amazement and wonderment! This is my letter of gratitude to MIRRORxLAKE and their latest record NU LURK CITY. The sounds you will experience on this album have no boundaries and shapeshift nonstop! Yes MIRRORxLAKE’s vibe is rooted in Dance Music, Hip Hop, and Techno while at the same time, it’s so much more. This creator has manifested audio crack because after one listen, I just keep coming back for more and still can’t get enough. MIRRORxLAKE songs have this way of getting into your soul and unlocking the doors to your imagination. Their composition “Swamp” reminds me how complex the Black experience in America is, meaning that this song is both heavy and celebratory at the same time. MIRRORxLAKE’s soundscapes are a reflection of realities and dreams. The song “Beast of Burden” will grab your hand and lead you into a state of mind where Bass Tones are the sunlight that keeps us all alive. I want to say thank you to MIRRORxLAKE creating an album that defies stereotypes and points us to our future!

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