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Blackened Crust

Experience the industrial/death metal/crust of DEPRESSORS “Hell Storms Over Earth”

If humanity was a human it would be a diseased ridden living corpse on the verge of death that was infected by the corruption of man! I am not alone in saying that bands have the power to shed light on all of the fucked shit in the world and use their anger to create art that is a wake up call! DEPRESSOR is a band that have always allowed their morbid apocalyptic brand of crust to speak for itself! To say that I a fan of this band would be honest because I am a fucking MEGA FAN!!! So when I got word that Sentient Ruin Laboratories was releasing their unreleased tracks I became super excited!!!You can pre order DEPRESSORS 12 inch “Hell Storms Over Earth” and long sleeve HERE.

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Sentient 51423

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