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Avant Garde

Experience Apocalyptic Drone of FIELD OF FEAR “Bone Trees”

When I meditate I see white noise, When I meditate I hear the static of myself and travel into my thoughts. When I listen to Field of Fear, my mind digs deep into their fuzzed-out drone and sleeps in their shower of sonic grey noise. You don’t just listen to Field of Fear, you experience them deep inside of your inner self. Come with us and step into the world of their new album Ashes which comes out Oct. 15th. Today we are streaming the new Field of Fear’s new track “Bone Trees” below.

In 2020, the CZU Lightning Complex fires in California burned 86,509 acres of land over 38 days.

The four pieces collected here were composed by processing pixel data from photographs taken of the aftermath of this tragedy, and converting that data into frequencies.

This album is both a lament for and embodiment of the devastation wrought by these fires.

Never one to wallow in fatalism, proceeds from this album will be donated to CCF’s Wildfire Relief Fund. In the wake of this devastation, creating a lattice of person-to-person support can be the most important act we can do.

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