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Exclusive CVLT Nation Streaming: VASTATION – “Thole”

Unholy fuck, check out this brand new VASTATION track, but beware, it will RIP YOU UP. Vastation are despondent and rad as fuck stench-crust overlords from Portland, OR (formerly known as Night Nurse) and their incendiary fusion of crust punk and metal is not to be fucked with. Apocalyptic atmospheres, crushing guitars, soaring melodies, punishing rhythms and a looming aura of filth and despair are what make this band’s music so fucking amazing and memorable. Enjoy the full-fledged filth assault that is “Thole” streaming below, and keep your eyes peeled for an imminent 7″ containing two more tracks about to drop in fall 2016 on Nero One Records – believe us, this shit will detonate in your skull with the force of a bomb dropped from an air raid from hell.






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