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CVLT Nation Streaming: SPACE BONG “In Doom We Crust”

You all know I’m a fan of doom when it’s dipped into the right kind of weed! I like my riffs to be sticky with a pungent smell of torment, mixed with equal parts decaying  emotion. Australia’s SPACE BONG have been turning out the kind of doom that’s been taking me to Planet High As Fuck since 2007! What knocks me out about this band is the many different kind of highs you will hear in their songs. At certain points, I feel like my body is being led through a giant field of indica before it melts away in to the sunset. At other times, the drum beats have my braincells head banging to the rhythm of a sativa tidal wave…Now let’s talk about the present & future for SPACE BONG: they are about to set out on a tour of Australia with HORSEHUNTER, which has also been dubbed the BONGHUNTER Tour, and it starts this Saturday the 14th. To mark this trek across the country, they are releasing a special tape called IN DOOM WE CRUST cassette single that has over 30 minutes of music…Stay tuned, because they also have their new full length in the works, DEADWOOD TO WORMS, which will be up for pre-order soon via FALSExIDOL Records and Art As Catharsis! Right here and now, CVLT Nation is ultra stoked to be streaming the new SPACE BONG cassette single IN DOOM WE CRUST below…get high and doom out!



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