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Languish “III”

Languish hail from Arizona, an outfit that could be considered a super group of sorts, with its ranks filled by members of dark hardcore band Territory, crushing doom act North and the savage death metallers Gatecreeper. Languish’s gritty four-song demo demonstrated the nasty, solid musicianship of this four piece, with the overpowering gravitational pull of North exerting itself alongside Gatecreeper’s teeth-gnashing misanthropy tinged with Territory’s equal blood lust. “III,” which we are proud to present today, is no exception to Languish’s rule, if not compounding the fact this band is a force not to be taken lightly. The drums are skull crushing, its tempo like a panicked heartbeat struggling to maintain composure despite the constant air of fear that the guitar conjures and the palpable dread quaking from the bass. The vocals almost melt in with the instruments’ thunder, like a shapeless, cosmic terror whispering its intent from beyond reality’s veil. “III” hits like a doom song with grindcore’s quick, lasting sting, its venom churning within your veins long after its brief time has passed.


“III” will be on their upcoming release Extinction, available this summer on Battleground Records, with release information coming soon. Languish will be playing with Nothing and Cloakroom on May 15 at Pub Rock Live in Scottsdale, AZ, don’t miss it.


Be sure to catch Languish opening for the almighty Sleep alongside Cult Leader and Goya at this year’s Southwest Terror Fest.


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