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CVLT Nation Streaming: KALIYA “The Exiled”

KALIYA fucking rule HARD!!! This Tuesday, March 3rd, is your chance to pick up their self-titled album…From what I have heard, these Texas rage dealers are all about pounding out riffs and taking names later! CVLT Nation is stoked to be premiering the new KALIYA tune “The Exiled” below. When you are done having your wig pushed back, you can order their album HERE!

This is what Ben of KALIYA had to say about “The Exiled”:

This song started out as straightforward Swedish D-Beat worship, but ended up getting injected with what I feel is a pretty good chunk of black metal riffs/influence.  We don’t really use much from that style, but it just seemed cool on this song and gave it a little more of a unique feel.  This song was one that really came to life once Thomas (guitar), Jono (drums) and I got in a room and started working on it.  Some/most of the other songs on the album were written by one or two individuals, but this one was more of a group effort and I think it really brought it to life.  Lyrically, it is about scene “drama” and elitism that can really kill what would otherwise flourish into a great thing.  Our vocalist, Tyler, is a local promoter and tends to have his opinions about that type of stuff.


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