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Avant Garde

escape an isolated reality! Dance to the dark sounds of WVALAAM KLOUS

Are you ready to dance to dark beats of Wvalaam Klous’ new tape called  “Living Hell” that will be coming out on The Brvtalist Sound Recordings on March 26th. Every track on this debut will keep you moving while we’re on a global lockdown! To say I’m impressed would be a great understatement. Right now I’m listening to the future of underground dance music. I really want to salute both Wvalaam Klous and The Brvtalist Sound Recordings for making  “Living Hell” a reality. This is exactly the kind of music I need to be blasting right about NOW! We’re streaming the track “Fleisch Eats Me (Living Hell)” below and you can pre-order the tape HERE!

Artwork by Hila Angelica 
Written By

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