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Avant Garde

Enter the explosive cosmic noise world of LIMBS BIN “Burnt White Elephant”

Come over here and plug your ears into the Fucked in the Head sounds of LIMBS BIN! Their new record Burnt White Elephant comes out today via Damien Records. The music you are about to experience can’t be described by words, so just hit play below and allow yourself to enter this beautiful world of sonic madness! I will say this – imagine if Sun Ra did a collabo record with Godflesh, the end result might sound a little bit like LIMBS BIN’s Burnt White Elephant.

Toiling tirelessly among the shadows of the crumbling imperial superstructure, beloved noise hero Limbs Bin emerges in 2021 with a new full-length studio album on Damien Records. Burnt White Elephant presents the most explosive vision of melted cosmic noise blasting to date, with bone-rattling runs of ecstatic micro anthems framed by intimate field recording montages gathered in the most obscure corners of Western Massachusetts. Feel the delicate walls of your flimsy reality buckle with this 26 track, 18 minute trip out of fear, isolation and dread into the warm embrace of loving awareness that our hearts yearn for in this bittersweet and beautiful life. 

Limited to 200. Each order come with:
1 x LIMBS BIN Pro CD digipak shrink wrapped w/4 panel double-sided fold out booklet
2 x LIMBS BIN 2.75″ square vinyl stickers
2 x LIMBS BIN 1″ buttons
1 x Damien Records 1″ button
1 x Damien Records 2.75″ square vinyl sticker

Art & layout by Ryan Robinson
Mastered by Grant Richardson

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