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Mixed Media

“Dreams are valuable, because they release the primordial chaos”
Seth Siro Anton

Mister Seth Siro Anton, born in 1973 in Greece, better known by his artistic works for bands like EXODUS, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, CALIBAN, CHAOSTAR, JOB FOR A COWBOY, DECAPITATED, VADER etc., strikes with technically thought-through, rough lines, reminding us of what it is to be a human, tortured and tormented, exposing the inner self and the darkness that makes us full and content, aware of the developing and never-ending moment. The artist himself talks about time – in my opinion, this best friend of death makes his inspiration clear in his monumental and rapidly-expressed composition, “A GOD THAT WANTS TO DIE IN 2011”. Dreams are his main theme; according to the artist’s manifesto, he attains a conscious lucid state of dreaming when creating his masterpieces. Working within the dichotomy of light and darkness, the artist reveals the grotesque and sinister world of his subconscious, projecting it through his artwork. According to him, his pieces work as portals, which makes sense when we think about the way his communication is established with the piece as he works on it. There is a great deal of projection when one establishes a dream-like meditative state and maintains an interaction with one’s work, enabling the right flow of thoughts to pass through one’s hands while drawing, and therefore using artwork as a way to evoke your deepest ideas. Seth Siro is a well-educated person with great achievements; a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, graduate from a University of Arts, with visually rich and intellectually-compelling artworks, and a member of a metal band SEPTICFLESH, established in the 1990s. Check out his works here:









Keep it evil!

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ART OR DIE. Creative process is unstoppable, only desire to become who you want makes you whole. Join me in the pursuit of seemingly meaningless answer to the questions of eternal damnation encrypted and described in what I call and pronounce ART.

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