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Dream POP

Experience The Dream Pop / Trip Hop Magic of DAISIES ‘Great Big Open Sky’

I write this from a place of Magic. I write this from a place of Bliss. I write this from a place of celebration. I write this from a place of knowing that the new DAISIES album Great Big Open Sky comes out on May 12th via  K Records / Perennialdeath is PERFECT! This band has manifested a collection of Dream Pop gems that are drenched in Sonic Majesty! As I listen to their song “We Don’t Need Money,” my inner wounds that have been caused by the murder of Jordan Neely can begin to heal a little. DAISIES are a band that deserves all of the shine they get because they are that AWESOME! Great Big Open Sky is the perfect balance between Dream Pop, Trip Hop, and Audio Magic. They have created one of my go-to records for decades to come.

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