Don’t Miss the NEAR DARK FEST 2 w/ O.G. legends!

As most readers are currently planning the rest of their summer fest season, we’ve got another curve ball flying at your eardrums straight from the shadowy underbelly of punk’s dominion. Oakland’s Near Dark Fest 2 has just been announced and tickets are flying off the…website fast. Last year’s fest saw bangers from throwbacks Omega Tribe and Rikk Agnew while contemporary favorites such as Pawns, Terminal A, and Cruz De Navajas lit up two nights of aphotic hopelessness and rage. This year promises an even bigger lineup, adding another night to the fest with after parties and pulling from even more far flung depths of anarcho and death rock such as Rubella Ballet, Kommunity FK (celebrating their 40th anniversary), Twisted Nerve (first US appearance ever) and 13th Chime. Bands this year come all the way from the UK, Scotland, Chile, Barcelona, and weird and normal parts of the US. Behold this stacked lineup:


near dark fest
Day 1
September 13th at Golden Bull $18 adv/$20 door 7PM
Kommunity FK (40th anniversary)
Eleven Pond
Riki & Manfactory
& Secret Guest
DJ Dollhead
Near dark fest
Day 2
14th at The Uptown $20 adv/$22 door 7PM
Rubella Ballet
DJs Agitator & Fluxx
near dark fest
Day 3


September 15th at Black Spring Coffee 11-2
Photo Show with:
Chris Low (part1)
Tash de Valois
& breakfast pop up with Tacos el Precioso
September 15th at Eli’s $20 adv/$22 doors 5PM
Twisted Nerve
13th Chime
Diavol Strain
Temple of angles
Mystic Priestess
DJs Los Ninos del Parque
After party: (midnight)
September 15th at First Church of the Buzzard $10
Ritual Veil
DJ Chris Low (of Part1)

3 day passes are $55
All tickets and passes can be bought here:
Organizers Gina Marie & Brianne Hanshaw shared with us some photos from last year’s fest to get your blood flowing in anticipation:
Rikk Agnew from last year’s fest by Carlos Garcia
Omega Tribe from last year’s fest by Carlos Garcia
Cruz de Navajas from last years fest by Carlos Garcia


Carlos Garcia



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