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Is DOG BREATH “Isang Bagsak” the Best Hardcore Punk EP of 2020?

Straight up, all day every day, I give zero fucks about giving safe space to racists and fencewalkers! I was born a Punk, I was born Black, and from the moment I took my first breath I swore I’d never to give in! That’s why NYC’s DOG BREATH is one of the most important bands doing it right now. Their new EP Isang Bagsak is a declaration of war against Racism and the downpression of all People of Color. They waste no time letting you know where they stand, from the first vocal sample on the first song, “By Any Means.” Fuck turning the other cheek, DOG BREATH stands their ground with their bruising, no surrender hardcore that will tear out nazi jugulars!

What’s rad about this record is that it’s so empowering because this band is making songs that speak to the struggle many of us around the world are going through. I agree with them – it’s not time to be silent, it’s time to use art as a weapon of change! They’re not asking for much, just the basic human rights that we all deserve! Every moment of Isang Bagsak is a radical expression of Urgent Hardcore that SLAPS the taste out of the mouths of the people that want to do us mental and psychical harm because of the color of our skin. When I hear their anthem “Celine Freon,” I can’t help but jump out of my skin because the song is that damn gnarly! I love the radio-style “Everyday Struggle” shout-outs from around the world because they create a sense of community that we’re all missing during isolation. It reminds me of an old Red Alert or S&S mixtape.

It’s not hard not to be anti-racist, just don’t tolerate racism! I want to salute our comrades DOG BREATH for creating an EP that is not only going to change the game but gives no space for cowards!

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