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Employing classic crust motifs but simultaneously defying musical convention writ large, Bakkara, a ripping hardcore act out of Portland, ME flew out of the gates by presenting three releases in 2018 alone. Their style is a distilled, disorienting disbeat with thick riffs flying so fast there’s little time to catch your breath before the next one is launched on your mind-melting journey through their dystopian universe. Even under a heavy dose of delay, the abysmally guttural vocals are delivered so precisely you can still grasp the lyrical message – one of total anarchic devastation of the malevolent forces that steer this careering Titanic from iceberg to iceberg, laying waste to humanity’s potential in its path. Check out their releases here and the video below!

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Life, death, plants and music. Direct all bullshit to shindig109[at]gmail[dot]com

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