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VII​-​π​-​III Review + Full Stream

Have you ever pondered what the ultimate funeral soundtrack would be? If you’re like me, then the answer to that question should be “of course I have, next question.” Unfortunately, most people in this sad world have never sat down at their computer, drank a bottle of Night Train (that’s cheap wine, in case you didn’t know) and made a sick and twisted funeral playlist. Which is too bad, really; there’s nothing more exciting than associating rad tunes with your own painful demise. I like to think that my funeral playlist will consist of the most brutal of tunes, but realistically, my dipshit friends and family will probably just put that one Green Day song (we all know which one I’m talking about) on repeat for the whole goddamn funeral. Anyway, enough with my problems, let’s talk about the band that should be the soundtrack to the Pope’s funeral: Deveikuth.  Deveikuth is a band that is not afraid to come to a show, set up huge stacks, and punish ears with loud drone/doom metal.

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The amount of power and drone-tastic guitar tones that comes from this band’s amps is reminiscent of the almighty Sunn O))). I understand that making that claim is potentially controversial, but one listen to Deveikuth and any drone metal fan will see the similarities. Deveikuth is basically what Sunn O))) would sound like if they decided to implement a drummer in their music. Deveikuth’s tones are heavy and could easily shatter the bones of anyone who dares to get too close to their amplifiers. This is the kind of band drone metal needs right now; in fact, it’s the kind of band you need right now. So find some fucking speakers and turn that shit up to eleven!! The sooner you jam some Deveikuth, the more likely you are to NOT have Green Day songs play at your funeral. At the end of the day, bands like this are unpredictable, but in the end its right. I hope you have the time of your life, listening to Deveikuth.


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