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DESIRE BEAT brings darkwave delirium with debut EP ‘to the beat of their desire’

We can’t get enough of the endless stream of dark dance music coming out these days and the subgenre has permanently solidified its place under the grand umbrella of underground music. The instance can be so mutable, so on-the-fly that when Portland punk stalwart Alix’s previous synth-pop group VARI VICE couldn’t make a gig, they used some other tracks they had sans their bandmate, and DESIRE BEAT was born as a solo electro foot stomper. Having only played a few live gigs before lockdown, we’ve been waiting for a release and now we’ve got it in full force with not only a full EP released today on Harsh Aura Records, we’ve even got a music video shot by VACANT STARE’s Justin Pogue!!!

Nothing beats a pulsating, strobing oceanscape of disco fury when your options for a set are quite limited during a global pandemic. With that, they’ve stretched the boundaries of space and ambiance as thoroughly as possible with the single and music video for ‘Gift The Coordinates’ below!

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