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Denim, Leather, Studs!

It’s not always about the family we are born into, it’s about the tribes we become a part of! It is interesting how you can find connections between subcultures, even if they don’t share the same decade or ideals. Case in point is the vest, which is an important piece of clothing not only to Bikers, Metalheads, and Gang members but also to Punks. It’s interesting that one of the few places that allowed us to have shows in the 80’s were the Biker Bars in Los Angeles. Vests are signifiers for different humans within a group, and can say a lot about that person. Not much has changed since the 70’s & 80’s – go to any metal or punk show and you will still see freaks rocking their vests. Check out this HUGE photo essay that shows the connections between all of these subcultures in the form of denim or leather! On a personal level, I still rock mine and don’t see anything changing in the near future.

70's christian mc 80spunks

aliens angels vest angels-looking-at-bike angelsinfront angelswithvests angles-fighting anticlimx bigandlittlepartnerships BigHouseVisit Biker_02 BIkers5 bikewithBWpatch black-devils blackbrotherhood00023 cf_history_eg10 chainsaw_jacket pistoleros chosen-few-group corpsegrinder dac panhead drinkingbikerbros drooop droopy drop evel and Drag-Ons fuckingfreaks GG+Allin++The+Jabbers+fd ggallen goonsresearch576840 goonsresearchcliffburton grim-reapers ha-onbikes image3241 image3321-1 image3751 IMG_1177 IndependentTime joeyshithead lsd-tripout-research majestic-brothers mayhem minorthreatvest olddirtyboston outlaws-patches outlawsandothers pagans patches-vests-brotherhood punk-commitment punk-finger punk-roit punkrowdies rebels-edmonton rt1199702-1 russian-punks savage-nomads Stuff LTRRTC style-demin style the outcasts 005 toughers Trucidator tumblr_ky4jhqMKml1qzdppzo1_500 tumblr_lh09opncFd1qhthfao1_500 tumblr_lqg67qA3nH1qbawlfo1_1280 tumblr_lqi24jT72O1r0k1tfo1_1280 tumblr_lqychgKPVw1qaueggo1_500 tumblr_lrlyokN6aI1qzvx0to1_1280 tumblr_ls9asiZFsE1qzybczo1_400 tumblr_lu3zi4jHbJ1qc5dpuo1_400 tumblr_lu47uqPPFo1qc5dpuo1_400 tumblr_lv640cJSFK1qc5dpuo1_400 tumblr_lwryseSUBD1r6lujxo1_1280 tumblr_lwxrxdAD4Z1qbuyceo1_500 tumblr_lx1pnyjupJ1r0qabqo1_500 tumblr_lxckd6myyC1qbnmo4o1_400 tumblr_lxye9zpGtU1qzezj5o1_500 tumblr_ly5ljnyoIs1qc5dpuo1_400 tumblr_lyqejtKr7k1qbuyceo1_500 tumblr_lysluinnm11r0k1tfo1_1280 tumblr_lyzmjl4yBt1r3dd56o1_500 tumblr_m1oa9ftwKE1qzgz8co1_500 tumblr_m1vwsuT3md1qzxlc9o1_500 tumblr_m2cck2nSfr1qc5dpuo1_400 tumblr_m3vy1nWCUP1qctavao1_500 tumblr_m4uhvdoGty1rwq85xo1_1280 tumblr_m7mmntXMhl1r97ur5o1_400 tumblr_m08sztOsru1qk03yyo1_500 tumblr_m9gtnehX9Y1rdxi7ko1_500 tumblr_m9zq9nMgNk1r4ntzno1_1280 tumblr_m9zznarwmA1rb8mx6o1_1280 tumblr_m30lysr8851qehqgbo1_500 tumblr_m62kgyb2GA1qdqt83o1_500 tumblr_m68lmqWDzt1qhccpao1_500 tumblr_ma3lm7AoZ41qc5dpuo1_500 tumblr_ma834iQsbp1qc5dpuo1_500 tumblr_ma835u8Vto1qc5dpuo1_500 tumblr_mbaz4vtoQH1qk03yyo1_500 tumblr_mcuqtmL5G11qk0lxso1_500 tumblr_mcym5qmxEB1rvbtr3o1_500 tumblr_md4x8bR87s1r0k1tfo1_1280 tumblr_mdlmx7cLmN1r41xyqo1_500 tumblr_mfo02wbzWj1qboao4o1_400 tumblr_mhdhpqbpbS1qk03yyo1_1280 ZZZZZZZZZ350 018

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