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Death Rock

Deathrock for the new year! Oakland’s ESSES release music video for ‘Little Mouse’

Ushering in their upcoming album Bloodletting for the Lonely, Oakland deathrock mainstays ESSES are bestowing us with a single and music video “Little Mouse.” It pores over both explicitly and metaphorically what we, as a society, have been through this past year – a pandemic, corrupt government fuckery, and rampant police brutality. Additionally, the creepiest part is none of this is new. Combined with shrieking scolds over bitterly cold goth riffs while admonishing a symbolic child being indoctrinated into obedience in a society that will only hurt them, Esses has yet again perfectly blended a ghastly terror from just behind the veils of reality with an aggressive punk that could only come from the Bay Area. Stay tuned for news of the next album and peep the video below!

Photo by Kevin Brown
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