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Death Metal

Listen to the 4 headed Death Metal beast! feat. Oxalate / Perpetuated / Blood Spore / Vivisect

WTF!?! Blood Harvest is about to fuck the game up by releasing this four headed monster featuring insanely vile tracks from Oxalate / Perpetuated / Blood Spore / Vivisect. Unholy shit – all of the bands are on some next level sickness! Every second of this release will have you saying, damn, this is some tasty sonic vomit that I can’t get enough of! It’s time for you to press play below and check out this record for yourself. Make sure to pre-order the Oxalate / Perpetuated / Blood Spore / Vivisect 4-way split HERE!

Watch BLOOD SPORES Sonic Unrest Vol.1 Performance

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