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It’s pretty mind-blowing that a band can be around for well over ten years and still only be in the process of completing their debut album. Alas, this is the fate of Dawn of Chaos, a five-piece technical death metal outfit from the north east of England. These guys have been through the mill in terms of band members, touring with pretty darn huge acts – Immolation, Entombed, Akercocke, The Great Deceiver, Anaal Nathrakh and way, way more – and life itself. Life, it gets in the way, and Dawn of Chaos have contended with many an issue but never lost that pure desire and will to absolutely decimate with furious words and sound.

Dawn of Chaos were formed many moons ago and the band that exists today features precisely zero founding members as a massive shift occurred around 2004. Much happened in the way of touring and recording a couple of EP’s and demos; yet it’s only now that these guys have found the time to actually record something new. And lo and behold, The Need To Feed is due to drop (hopefully) by the end of this year.

Dawn of Chaos are a busy as heck group, with each member somehow managing to find the time for other projects as well as just staying alive on a day-to-day basis. Paul Hartburn is the man behind the mic, and after joining in 2004 (taking over vocals from original member Ken Turner) he took the band in a slightly different direction and pushed to take Dawn of Chaos to new places – both musically and continentally. Other members came and went, as is wont to happen in the realm of extreme metal, but the line up of today is as solid as it is talented. Just take a look:

Paul Hartburn – vocals (Wrath Within)
Dan Jones – bass, backing vocals (Crabsu)
Dan Rochester – guitar (Spartan Warrior, Wrath Within)
Ross Oliver – guitar (Risen Prophecy, Wrath Within, Crabsu)
Ian Finley – drums (Wodensthrone, Warbastard, Crabsu)

Lucky for us, Dawn of Chaos have uploaded a little sample of their new material which has been recorded by Greg Chandler (Esoteric) at his own Priory Studios. Fun. Check it out below and cross your fingers they head out on tour soon after this release.

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