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The Dark Side of Politricks…
“Hate Rising” Documentary Now Showing

By Sean & Meghan

CVLT Nation is a global platform for all things dark. On Nov. 9, motherfucking Donald Trump was elected to be the next President of America. For us, this was one of the darkest days in America’s recent (dark) history. Not because he is d-bag reality show star, but because he is a straight, unapologetic racist. What really pisses us off on a personal level is when we at CVLT Nation decide to take a stand against this subhuman A-Hole, all kinds of small-minded readers of our site come out of the woodwork to leave their racist views on our website. To us, being anti-racist does not make you a liberal – or vice versa – as some of our readers would want to believe; however, when it comes to politics, we are definitely on the left side of the spectrum. It’s a fact that Donald Trump pandered to the White Supremacist vote in America, and that he had major backing from the far right and the alt-right, code word for White Nationalists. All you have to do is look at his ties to Stephen Bannon, his chief strategist, who is the former head of the right-wing news outlet Breitbart Media.

What’s even more sad is that he appealed to the white supremacist beliefs that have been an undercurrent throughout U.S. history. Trump facilitated and made mainstream (again) xenophobic, homophobic, misogynist and pseudo-protectionist politics, all under the guise of being an “outsider.” Well,we’re not sure if Trump supporters are actually ignorant enough to believe this, or if they’re just pretending in order to justify their fears of the other, but a man who has rubbed shoulders with the elite (both financial and political – including his own opponent) for decades is definitely, assuredly NOT an outsider. His presidency is just another step towards the complete corporate takeover of our lives – it’s another move towards citizens becoming nothing more than consumers. The connections we have made with one another globally are a threat to the world’s financial elite; our ability to identify with revolutions taking place around the world mean that we are less likely to be pacified with the new iPhone, and more likely to be hopeful in the face of the vacuous existence we are encouraged to live. Call us libtards, cucks, social justice warriors – none of it means anything. We are warriors, and we’re not going to be silenced. Or fired.

The documentary below will shed light on how Donald Trump has deep ties to White Nationalists, and how they helped get him into office. If you claim to have voted for him for other reasons, and furthermore, claim not to be racist, then you should be ashamed of who just took the position of figurehead for your country.


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  1. thakhysis

    November 18, 2016 at 10:28 am

    Thanks Cult Nation for keeping the fight against racists, fascists, nazi and other Trumpets…Keep the fight in the Metal culture because it is dearly needed here also!

  2. Buggs

    November 17, 2016 at 8:49 pm

    Looks like you guys need crayons and tissues like those wimps on campus. But by all means continue as stated previously your tantrums assure a “Nipster ” demographic to swell in ranks.

  3. Stark Von Oben

    November 17, 2016 at 8:47 am

    You Hipster kids from Cali sure like to think that you know it all about everything that is going on in the real world but I suggest you go back to Vice land where you losers belong!
    Donald Trump is not a racist but I will tell you who the real racists are and who the real dangerous violent and intolerant anti-American wankers are. People in your leftist movement, Black Lives Matter, The Jewish terrorist organizations like SPLC, ADL that make millions on racism and divide and conquer tactics in the USA and abroad. Al Sharpton one of the most infamous Anti-White race pimps using his own people to create mayhem and destruction and instigating the killing of our nations police officers. While you hipsters sit behind your mac book pros at Starbucks drinking your corporate coffee complaining about Right Wing this and Neo-Nazi that, your Leftist douche bags run around the country causing serious damage to urban neighborhoods, killing innocent people and all for what? So George Soros can turn this country into a third world hellhole filled with illegal aliens and gang bangers and killers? You are happy with your white guilt being promoted in every school in America right? That’s progress? I’ll tell you what you people are the bane of western civilization. You the exact reason great nations crumble with your bullshit politics and equal gender transgender-Islamic multicultural hogwash you think you are saving humanity? You failed and humanity and civilization won a great battle against intolerant little bitches who would not last one day in the woods with out there Latte and their iPhone and twitter so they could rage out and claim they are the new Punk Rock revolution. Your fucking scum every fucking one of you leftist cocksuckers. Enter the age of the rebirth of the New Holy Roman Empire. Hail Victory.

    • Meghan

      November 17, 2016 at 2:03 pm

      Thanks for the illiterate, clearly NS/racist-apologist rant – illustrates the point of this article perfectly. I’m surprised you managed to hook up internet out there in the wilderness. Now excuse me as I go back to sipping my Pumpkin Spice macchiato. I don’t drink lattes.

  4. Buggs

    November 16, 2016 at 6:41 pm

    Its simply beyond the comprehension of some to believe that the guy or gal with piercings and tats who makes his morning latte or works at their favorite food cart is not a mirror of their political views. And as was stated earlier SJW types have done more damage to their own agenda than any Nationalist could have. If anything they are the best recruitment tool

  5. Buggs

    November 16, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    We where addressing the “Nipster” phenomena that was birthed in Germany explained in the video we attached to our comment. Ironically it was persons like TrigglyPuff and AIDS Skrillex that where the viral video posterchildren that sparked interest in the Alt Right. We contend the “Nipster” phenomena has already come to America and growing and will continue to do so.

  6. Buggs

    November 16, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    ” What really pisses us off on a personal level is when we at CVLT Nation decide to take a stand against this subhuman A-Hole, all kinds of small-minded readers of our site come out of the woodwork to leave their racist views on our website.”
    You mean folks like this who are not just in Germany anymore but here in the states now and growing. It just has not been acknowledged that they do exist here also.

    • Meghan

      November 16, 2016 at 1:36 pm

      Actually, our German readers are the ones who are quick to point out any connections to racist ideologies and to shame anyone who supports racism in any way. The Americans (and other colonial countries) are by FAR the most vitriolic racists and always have been. More than two centuries as a country and not much has changed.

  7. Jason Durand

    November 15, 2016 at 12:27 pm

    This whole election has been sickening.

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