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Dark Waves Vol.7 – 9th anniversary Mixtape

The whole CVLT Nation family wants to say thank you for all of the fun you’ve brought us over the past nine years! In honor of our 9th anniversary, we’ve put together a dark and wavy Post Punk mixtape for streaming and download for all you lovers – Dark Waves Vol. 7. We’ve filled it with some of our favorite bands that we feel are pushing the genre forward. We also wanted to give shine to bands that you might not have heard of. This mixtape is awesome from beginning to end!

Dark Waves Vol.7 – 9th Anniversary Mixtape Track List:

  1. Bitter Flowers – Cold Dreams
  2. FTR – Black Sand
  3. Fearing – Good Talks
  4. RA – 040
  5. Mayflower Madame – Vultures
  6. Temple of Angels – Cerise Dream
  7. True Body – Spirit City
  8. Choir Boy – Complainer
  9. Private World – On The Run
  10. HUMAN TETRIS – Long Flight
  11. Spectres – Years of lead
  12. The Ire – The Adventitious
  13. CHAIN CULT – End Of Days
  14. Kælan Mikla – Kalt
  15. Boy Harsher – Pain
  16. Glaring – Gienah
  17. Fornicata – Rough Road
  18. Crowd Of Chairs – Hollow Thoughts Of Wrong
  19. SKEMER – Heartbreak
  20. Gold Cage – Repeater Kember
  21. Lunacy – Fall of Arms

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