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Free Your Mind! Dance to the sounds of HEBV’s New LP “Love Conductor”

HEBV’s third LP Love Conductor comes out on April 5th via Body Crash sounds like nothing else. on this planet! I l love this project because it’s PUNK AF meaning that it’s created from a creative space where rules don’t exist! While blasting Love Conductor I find myself feeling like I have ingested 10 happy E pills and my whole being is in a state of BLISS! “ZIXQ” is a tune that transports me to a place where the come-down it’s just as fun as the come-up! His Electro Blue Voice has manifested a straight banger in “Love Conductor.” This is why we are so stoked to share y’all this rad album in full. Punk is all about being yourself and following your passion HEBV does that to the fullest!!!

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Sentient 112217

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